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Just Give Me Some Mo'
Boney Fields

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The musical texture of this new record resurrects the glitter of the great bands of yesteryear when the horn sections majestically supported the guitar solos and the vocal prowess of the blues artists. 

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    October 2023

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    Bump City
    Boney Fields & the BFB

    « Bump City » is the fruit of know how acquired with consistency and determination, but it is first and foremost an invigorating album driven by the creative freshness of a solid, enthusiastic and very gifted artist & band.

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      November 9th 2018

    Changing For The Future

    Changing for the future. On this 5th album, you will find Boney Fields true to himself: he’s off the beaten track, away from predefined categories, and closer to the music. Boney Fields only swears by the groove, the pleasure of making bodies move and the desire to overwhelm the soul.

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      October, 2013

    Live At Jazz à Vienne

    Wherever they play, Boney Fields and The Bone’s Project leave behind them a lasting impression. Boney Fields, a lover of soul, groove, jazz, knows that the life of blues exists through constant evolution. « Live at Jazz à Vienne » (CD/DVD) is beyond doubt the best way to capture the heart and soul of this artist.

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      Rue Stendhal

    • Release Date

      October 2009

    We Play The Blues

    With this 3rd album, Boney’s music clearly displays a flavor of its own, by casting off all restrictive musical stereo-types often attached to the Blues by music specialists. To help him accomplish this mission, he invites some of his prestigious fellow travelers : Lucky Peterson, Fred Wesley, Martha High, Corey Harris et Jean-Jacques Milteau.

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      April 2006

    Red Wolf

    RED WOLF 13 new headlines, mainly personal compositions that make us discover another dimension of the Blues. Far from sticking to the “guitar hero” style or limiting itself to a 12 bars shuffle, this album offers a repertoire with plenty of horns and a very strong Funk influence. A must have for all Groove lovers.

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      On The Corner

    • Release Date

      Sept 2003

    Hard Work

    Collectors Item

    Boney Field's debut album features 10 tracks including 7 original compositions, which perfectly illustrate the musical universe of Boney. The repertoire even allows for incursions into reggae. Bernard ALLISON comes to lend a hand on 2 titles, bringing the lightness of his guitar phrasing and some wonderful slide notes.

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      Blues Project

    • Release Date

      Nov 1999