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Give Me

Just Give Me Some Mo'

Distribution DixieFrog/Rock'n'Hall

THE POWER OF THE CHICAGO GROOVE.  Stay positive! This is the commendable intention of the new record proposal by American trumpet player and singer Boney Fields.

Composed in the heavy silence of a general lockdown required by the international health crisis, "Just Give Me Some Mo' is the sincere wish of an authentic artist eager to once again feel the vibrations of consistently breathtaking performances.

The musical texture of this new record resurrects the glitter of the great bands of yesteryear when the horn section majestically supported the guitar solos and the vocal prowess of the blues artists.

In calling upon Sebastian Danchin for the production of this album, Boney Fields consulted with a historian ofAfrican-American culture whose sharp ear has already conquered Little Milton, Mighty Mo Rodgers, Toni Green and Jean-Jacques Milteau, among others.

Their collaboration, enhanced by the musical direction of guitar player Hervé Samb, brought to light a perfect blend of the "Chicago Blues" whose brassy potency they experienced live 40 years ago.

The months of reflection and questioning will have given body and life to this fast-paced album which, let's face it, will make history. Boney Fields has waited long enough. He wants more? "Just Give Me Some Mo" will, from here on out, be the shared recurring theme of this insatiable showman.

The Boney FIELDS Band

Boney FIELDS: lead vocals, trumpet & background vocals
Ichème ZOUGGART aka “Zou”: bass
Pity CABRERA: keyboards
Joseph CHAMPAGNON: guitar & background vocals
Bruno PIMIENTA & Yoann JULLIARD: drums
Pierre CHABRELE: trombone & percussions
Nadège DUMAS: tenor sax & background vocals

Special GUESTS

Maceo LEFOURNIS: Sax solo on « Back in the day” & « The Thrill is gone”
Michael ROBINSON: background vocals

Produced by Sebastian DANCHIN
Artistic direction: Hervé SAMB
Artwork and graphic design by Guillaume SAIX for WEBMYARTS
Photos by Alexandre LACOMBE